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How to LINK pictures to our albums


Post your pictures somewhere on the web. If you already have your own web-site, this is no problem.

Other options are:
- another Yahoo club


Copy the address of your picture:
- right click the picture
- select properties
- look for the address (Url) - this should end in ".jpg" or ".gif"
- select the whole address, starting with the "http://". The address will change colour
- right click it again
- select "copy"


Paste the address in:
- go to the club albums and select the most appropriate one. Make sure there are less than 24 images in this club, otherwise choose another album.
- click on "Add Photo"
- Skip the "On your computer:" line and click on "on the web" instead.
- delete the http:// in the address field, right click in it and choose "insert",
- the above address should now appear in the address field
- enter a name and a description
Click on "Add Photo Link"

4 Possible problems:
- the album may be full. Every album can only hold up to 24 images.
- the album may be "private", meaning that other members cannot post there. I this is the case, tell me! Private albums are something, a big photo club just cannot afford and will be deleted.
- no new album can be created: there is a maximum of 30 albums per club. This is the raeson why I delete private albums.

Why link?

The reason is yet another Yahoo quota. Even a big photo club only comes with 5 Megabytes od space, enough to hold 100 pictures of 50 kb each. Not very much for more than 2000 members!
This is the reason why images uploaded to the club disappear after a few weeks - we have to delete them to make space available for new ones. Links are allowed to stay on much longer, as they do not take up any space at all.
So, linking is is a way to let us post much more photos than otherwise possible and will extend the "life-span" of your pictures!

This page copyright 2000, Laurenz Bobke
last update: 4/May/2000