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  This is the online gallery of Travel Photography Forum. Members may exhibit their works here, which will then be discussed in the Forum.

If you want to view the pictures choose either "current picture" or gallery (past pictures).
If you are a member and want to submit a photo please keep in mind:

- pictures should be no more than 500 pixels wide and

- 400 pixels high and

- not take up much more space than 50 kb.

Please send your images, or preferably just the url -if you have posted them previously on the web- to me. Make sure to include your name, a title, some information on the picture and possibly your homepage and/or e-mail address (if you want it to be listed...).
PLEASE mention the Word Critique in the mail header, this makes sorting the mail much more easy.


Photographic Banner Exchange
Photographic Banner Exchange

copyright 1998, L. Bobke